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Blaine Anderson, currently living with the absolutely fantastic Sebastian Smythe. I'm more or less living the dream. Gorgeous boyfriend, a decent job, enrolled in my dream school. Nothing could go wrong. I love you, Sebastian.

PS. You're still my Fuzzy Kitten Monster.

Blaine; 11, Sebastian; 3.

Winter Formal || Seblaine

It was the night of the winter formal. Blaine’s dad was thankfully still out of town, so Blaine’s mom insisted that Sebastian be the one to pick Blaine up, mostly because she was one of those parents that wanted to take far too many pictures than necessary, and when he’d been dating Kurt, Blaine had been the one to pick Kurt up. Which meant the only pictures she had of Blaine in anything remotely formal before a dance was the Sadie Hawkins ones, and looking at anything of them just made things a little more awkward than necessary. So. Blaine had to inform Sebastian of the fact he had to dress really prim and proper, and come over to his house so his mom could bombard them with pictures — and questions. And that she’d be home all night, which meant no cliche-after-dance-sex in her house tonight. 

After being a woman and taking.. about an hour himself to get ready, Blaine gave himself a once-over in the mirror. It was very… standard, if he was being honest. The suit and (bow) tie ordeal, nothing too fancy to stand out among the crowd. He’d altered between a normal tie and a bow tie for about twenty minutes before his mom took the tie he hadn’t been wearing at the moment and hid it on top of the fridge, giving Blaine a death look when he attempted to go after it. His hair was nicely gelled, but not like it normally was so that his hair looked non-existent, but enough so it had a few waves in it, and looked really, really good and unf. 

He went down the stairs, and into the living room, sitting next to his mother and smiling at her, stirring up small talk with her until Sebastian arrived, and when he did, his mother insisted on answering the door, and Blaine could hear her complimenting him the moment she opened it. Blaine was a little nervous, he wasn’t trying to… impress Sebastian per say, but this was the first time he’d seen the other dress up, and.. he was excited, and nervous, he didn’t know what to think. So he just stood up, and waited for his mom to let Sebastian in, smiling at him. ~ 

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